School Programs

Planning Your Field Trip

The 18th Century Baker

The Natchitoches Colonial Women

Trade With Me

Trekking the Wetlands: Moreau Pond

What’s a Peck?

What’s a Shake? Our Shakes Don’t Come From the Malt Shop!

You Wash and Dry Your Clothes Where?

“Job of Our Fathers” Do I follow in His Footsteps?

18th Century French Marine Drill

A Little Dab Will Do

Animal Track Identification

French Gardening

Here’s Your Sign

In the Beginning It Was All About the Leather

Indoor Colonial Games

Journeys Through Journaling

Musket, Pistol, and Cannon

No to Go Orders

Outdoor Colonial Games

Plants That Dye

Rowing on the Cane

The Courer Du Bouis

Colonial Stitches




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